Welcome to Healthy Hearts

We are a FREE Healthy Lifestyle Service that provides people who are at risk of Cardiovascular Disease with a range of advice, support, activities and clubs for improving their health for a happier, healthier future.

Are you worried about your health? Are you at risk of developing a Cardiovascular Disease?

Do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle?

Would you like to meet other people, like you, who are making a change to a healthier future?

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About the Service

Working across Hammersmith & Fulham, the Healthy Hearts team deliver exciting community based health improvement sessions including weight management, healthy cookery classes and physical activity sessions that could see you improve your heart and your general health and wellbeing!

You need to qualify to benefit from our FREE services, but if you do, you will get your own Healthy Hearts Care Planner who is there every step of the way to check your progress, motivate you to achieve your goals and give you advice and guidance.

What Can We Offer You?

If you qualify for our service, you will be given a one hour face-to-face assessment near to your home and you will have access to the following:

Healthy Eating Advice
A personalised Healthy Heart Plan

A personalised Healthy Heart Plan which opens the door to a range of FREE programmes designed to reduce your risk of Cardiovascular Disease, including physical activity classes, weight management groups, healthy cookery classes and specialist clinics.

A personal care planner

Your own Healthy Heart Care Planner who will be with you every step of the way to check your progress, motivate you to achieve your goals and give you advice and guidance.

Access to Healthcare Professionals
Access to healthcare practitioners

Access to a range of health and wellbeing speciliast health professionals including dietitians, nurses, and physical activity practitioners.

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What Are The Benefits To You?

Improve your heart

Improve your heart and general well-being

Improve overall fitness

Improve your fitness, and become more mobile

Live longer

Live a longer, healthier life

What Might You Have Access To?

Based on your unique requirements, we will work with you to build a Healthy Heart Care Plan, which can include a mix of the following sessions. Please note, you cannot ‘self nominate’ for these sessions – you will work with your care planner to agree your plan based on your needs.

Lose Weight with Healthy Hearts

Lose Weight with Healthy Hearts

Our 10 week weight management programme gives you practical information and support to help you lose weight. Each session is an hour and a half, including a 30 minutes exercise component. The programme looks at different topics each week such as portion sizes, snacking, getting active and drinks.

Healthy Hearts Active Clubs

Healthy Hearts Active Clubs

We have a number of beginner’s activity classes running across the borough. The first six sessions are free and each weekly session lasts one hour. Activities on offer include Chair Based Exercise and Walking Clubs.

Healthy Hearts Cook and Eat

These six week beginner’s cookery classes are held in various community locations across the triborough. Each week’s ingredients are provided and the groups cook up… and eat healthy, affordable and easy to make meals each week. Recipe cards for what has been made are also provided.

Kick It Stop Smoking

Healthy Hearts work closely with their sister service, Kick It. Through this service we provide specialist support and stop smoking medications to help you stop smoking for good. If you can’t make regular appointments that’s fine too, the My Quit self-help package is also available to Healthy Hearts clients.

Healthy Hearts Wellbeing Services

Healthy Hearts Wellbeing Services

Self-help materials are on offer for clients struggling with issues like stress, anxiety and depression. As well as the option of self help workbooks and resources we also have strong local partnerships with local wellbeing services and your Healthy Hearts Care Planner will discuss the options available to you.

Healthy Hearts Alcohol Services

Healthy Hearts Alcohol Services

There are a number of local alcohol support and treatment services available in the triborough area. Healthy Hearts Care Planners can if appropriate access these services for our clients. Please let your Healthy Hearts Care Planners know if you feel you could benefit from these services.

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