Diabetes prevention week

16th – 22nd April is diabetes prevention week. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle-related preventable condition, with 3 out of 5 diabetes cases that can be prevented. It is important to understand that there is no specific dietary advice for people at risk of diabetes, however following a healthy balanced diet is a key to stay diabetes free! What’s more, Healthy Hearts dietitian highlights that there is no specific diet one must follow when they have prediabetes or trying to reduce their risk of developing diabetes.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from diabetes are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Diabetes UK report from 2007 estimated that diabetic men and women are at 5 and 8 times higher risk of cardiovascular disease occurrence respectively.
As a result, Healthy Hearts offer support to the residents of the Tri-borough diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes and wish to become healthier and avoid the condition.

People at most risk to develop type 2 diabetes are:

  • Older people – diabetes risk increases as we age. If you are over the age of 40 and Caucasian, or over 25 and African-Caribbean, Black African or South Asian you are also at higher risk.
  • Family history of diabetes – if you have a brother, sister, parent or child with diabetes, then you are 2-6 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Overweight and obese – you are significantly more likely to develop diabetes if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30. Calculate your BMI using NHS BMI calculator –
  • Big waist – if you carry weight around the middle, the body finds it more difficult to control the levels of sugar in the blood even if you have a healthy weight. Your waist is not your trouser size! Find the top of your hip bone and the bottom of our ribcage, and use a measuring tape around the middle between these two points. For most people this is near the bellybutton.
  • Physically inactive – exercise is one of the main factors that significantly reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • People with high blood pressure – if you have had or have high blood pressure you are at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes might come slowly and in most cases, appear in people aged over 40. Often you might not be aware of the signs. Unfortunately, you cannot change some things such as your age and your family history, but it is important to know what you can control, so you could do something about it.

How can Healthy Hearts support you?

Adult Weight Management Groups – 10-week programme that combines theory and practice, where we support you to lose 5% of your bodyweight.

Healthy Cookery Classes – 6-week course designed to teach you how to cook healthy cardio protective meals on a budget. Healthier meals – slimmer waist!

Physical Activity Clubs – enjoy 6 sessions of low impact physical activity, giving you the opportunity to try new things like aqua aerobics, begin to gym, begin to swim or chair based exercise. Exercising will reduce your blood pressure, helps to bring weight down and cut centimetres of your waist line!

1 on 1 sessions – Healthy Hearts care planners will support you in structuring your journey with us and will help to set short and long term goals.

Apply for Healthy Hearts programme on www.healthyhearts.org.uk/apply or 020 3434 2500

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