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What is a Healthy Hearts Care Planner session?

At Healthy Hearts we aim to reduce a person’s risk of Cardiovascular Disease. If you have a 10% or greater risk of cardiovascular disease, a long term health condition like obesity, diabetes or pre-diabetes and are a resident of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster then you can access our free services.

Your first face-to-face experience with a Healthy Hearts staff member is called a ‘Care Planner’ session. These sessions are delivered by a team member called a Healthy Hearts Care Planner.  The appointments are 1-1 with your advisor and last approximately 1 hour, they are offered from a variety of locations around the boroughs we work in; surgeries, libraries, leisure centres and more. What’s more, you can attend an appointment Monday – Friday in the morning, afternoon or evening so we should have a time to suit you.

Healthy Hearts Wellbeing Services

You will be guided through our service by your Care Planner, who will help you to choose which of our FREE programmes to attend. These programmes make up your personalised Care Plan and could include weight management groups, physical activity clubs, stop smoking support and healthy cookery courses… and of course a date to come back and see your Care Planner for a final appointment.

In the first session, your Care Planner will also measure various factors which are known to increase risk of cardiovascular disease. These include taking weight measurements, looking at your diet and your activity levels and taking your blood pressure and cholesterol. Our aim is to help you to achieve a positive change to many of these factors throughout your journey with us!

Your Care Planner can also see you for some additional 1 to 1 sessions during your plan for some support with positive health behaviours like physical activity and healthy eating, giving you some take-home tasks that feature within your ‘Care Planner Manual’. The Care Planner Manual is your health diary and resource which is yours to keep and utilise throughout your time with Healthy Hearts. It’s full of tips and ideas to make your journey to a healthy heart easier.

Watch this video to view a Care Planner session in action.

To book your first Care Planner session please call us on 020 3434 2500 or apply online at:

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